Marcus Sur aka Marcus Frankowski started early discovering his passion for music. At the age of 14 he founded his own band, where he - first as singer, later as bass - inspired the audience in numerous concerts. In the late 90s he exchanged the bass for 2 record players and started djing in some clubs in the Ruhr area. At this stage he didn't want to commit to any music style. Bored by the stagnation in Hardcore and Crossover he quickly found a new home in the revolutionarily developing electronical music scene. His design study led him to Essen where he soon got gigs in the legendary House club "Rote Liebe". As resident DJ in the Essen club Baikonur he also used to be an essential musical consultant and trend scout.


Die Vogelperspektive means ‘bird’s eye view’. It’s an apt title for this girl/boy creative alliance as they have a widescreen view on music: they take a view from afar so they can fit more into their minds, and as such their music and sets reflect that fact, taking in golden nuggets from across the whole electronic spectrum and relaying them at places across Germany and at festivals like 2012’s Fusion.







Sascha Brüning and Ragip Alkan


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Still here since 1993










Everything was born as a game since they were children. Whole afternoons dedicated to the research of new sounds, listening to gramophone records, tapes and CDs. In spite of their different musical taste, they both discovered new sonorities which sounded like something of stunning.
Being clubbers, they were always there, on the dancefloors, looking at the deejays without dancing: they were fallen in love with music, a love that still lives today! They created something on their own, first for fun, then to practice this passion for music.
At the beginning they weren’t a duo, but after a while they had combined their musical experiences, up to become a real duo. Neither a year, and they had some satisfactions, such as compliments from important deejays... From the first night in clubs in their town to big parties with 1000 people, accustomed to a numerous public, their performances have always been appreciated. Their first performance as deejay/producers is related to the Australian record company “Inversion Records” with their own Ep: here is an amazing way to success for the Tall Caps!
What to say anymore? To be continued...


Man sieht es Ihnen nicht gleich an, aber wer Sie schon einmal zusammen durch die Nacht musizieren gesehen hat, egal ob Primetime oder Afterhour, hat keinen Zweifel, dass es sich hier um eine Familie handelt. Denn Sie können nicht mit und auch nicht ohne. Die Jahre in und um Magdeburg verflogen so schnell, wie Sie gekommen waren, „aber auch diese Zeit war mal irgendwann vorbei“ und es musste was Neues her. Nach einigen Nächten des Suchens und Findens entschlossen die beiden mit einer Hand voll Freunden das Projekt „ART-Verwandt“ ins Leben zu rufen. Club-Musik war nun das Thema und zwar zu 100 Prozent. Durch Ihre Kontakte entstanden Freundschaften, die bis heute anhalten und durch welche Ihnen die Möglichkeit gegeben war, über die Grenzen Magdeburgs hinaus, musikalisch neue Wege zu beschreiten. Stationen dabei sind und waren natürlich der eigene Club, die alte Diamantbrauerei Magdeburg, das Ritter Butzke, das Golden Gate, die Bucht deines Vertrauens, das Triebwerk oder das Terrace Hill und das Gudruns in Oslo. Aber auch Events wie das SMS, Summer Spirit, Recombination oder das Bachblyten-Festival und nicht zu vergessen das Krach am Bach-Festival vor den Toren Ihrer Heimatstadt. Seit 2015 haben sie ihr musikalisches zuhause gefunden, in Bremen, beim Label Auditive.

Mind Crash

The bremen based Mind Crash got involved in electronic dance music and it's scene and culture back in 2009. He started djing in the same year and got himself a name in the local scene.Besides the dj business he is working on several projects contributing to bremen's electronic music scene.Musically Mind Crash is trying to hit the perfect combination of psychedelic deepness, melancholic harmonies, a lively groove and soulful vocals.


One of his goals is that it reflects his personality and his passion for music.


Berlin based Live & DJ Act consisting of Josh & Max Überwasser







more to come..


Reiner Kreutzmann Bio:

Mielsen aka Reiner Kreutzmann, is a Bremen based Artist, who already merged the "techno-familiy" in his own club "crash" back in '89. Over the years he developed, independent of the genre, a sensitive, moving and melodic sound. In his productions and gigs one can sense his great passion for music.


Nanokosmos (*born in Bremen) is a German DJ/producer in the electronic music scene since the beginning of the 90ies. He is also known as DJ N.D. , InCiTe, Anni Roc, Soul Included, IO Sequence, ADS. As DJ N.D. he played actively on Drum and Bass Raves across Germany from 1995 till 2005. Nature One, Loveparade, Visionparade, Kings of the Jungle, One Nation, Dreamland, etc were some of the events he deejayed. He decided to quit deejaying in 2005 for personal reasons, but played on a couple "Revival Raves" since then and is regulary playing on TLR (The Liquid Room).

Besides his scientific background and his passion for astronomy, ND decided to create a new alter Ego, namely Nanokosmos (NK) in 2005. NK combined the field he was working in(Nanoscience, Chemistry) = Nano

and the interest in astronomy/astrophysics = Kosmos (eng. cosmos).

The idea behind NK is to create/produce music in a scientific fashion (research = listen to existing tracks), but also leave space for inconventional experimental approaches (isolated, no references).

With this concept he can stick to "electronic" conventions but give also room to creativity.


Janosch Kurzrock was born in Berlin in 1982, and ever since he relocated more than 20 times. A traveler, who – for now – lives right in the heart of Bremen/Germany.


He started putting up multifaceted techno when he was only 15 years old and he is now also producing electronic music, which is mainly used for his live-techno-sets and the dj team KARMA SUPER.


Janosch was mainly influenced by the ‚ancient’ times of intelligent and experimental techno, in which he used to crawl through recordshops like a lunatic in search for rare records. Between 1996 – 2006, his favourite labels were ‚ Müller’ ‚Primate’ ‚Kompakt’ and ‚Kurbel’ ..and he is still playing this tunes mixed with new self-composed tracks.


Janosch does not commit to a certain style of techno in order to keep his art the way it always has been: without stint. His musical breeding ground is way to large for that. The foundation stone has been laid when he was still almost a child - he used to make mix tapes out of radio recordings mixing different styles which he listened to on his walkman. Oldschool Hiphop, Turntableism, Detroit Techno and Deephouse, to name only a few. Last but not least, there are ravepartys like the 'Rosenmontagsrave' in his housebar. Nowadays, this musical cocktail is the basis of Janosch's colourful style-mix, with which he invites everyone to join him alongside his journey …